Information about Macola Solutions for Small to Midsize Businesses

Your Update on Macola 10.4 and Macola ES 9.6.700

Exact has just released exciting new versions of their flagship systems, Macola 10.4 and Macola ES, version 9.6.700!

Join Algorithm for a webinar on the latest features and functionalities that you will want to know about including updates to Workspaces, Forecasting, Business Intelligence capabilities, and more!

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Integrated Budgeting, Reporting, Forecasting, and Consolidation for Exact Macola Webinar Recording

February Prophix Webinar

Accounting data in the form of financial statements, dashboards and reports are great for determining where your company stands. But where is your organization headed? What about the forward planning cycle?

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Streamlining Document Capturing & Management in EM 10

With Macola 10 Document Management all of your company documents and data can be captured and shared in just one place.

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Exact Macola 10 Mobile and Remote Access

In this webinar we focus on all the fast and flexible ways to access Exact's new flagship ERP, Exact Macola 10, from a smartphone or tablet.

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EDI Conduit SaaS

Learn how you can simplify your electronic data interchange process while gaining efficiencies for both your business and your employees.

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A Juggler's Story: CRM and Opportunity Management

Index cards? Rolodex? Handwritten scribbles on a bar napkin? Time to use the right tools for the job.

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Exact Macola 10 Document Management

Go paperless! Document Management: A Guide to Your Virtual Filing Cabinet.

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HR Management in Exact Macola 10

In this webinar you will learn about everything from creating and managing employees to approving and adjusting employee entitlements.

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Exact Macola 10 Workflows

In this webinar you will learn how using workflows in Exact Macola 10 can help create accountability for internal processes while improving efficiency in those same processes.

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Integrated EDI for Exact Macola 10

Join Algorithm and Glenn McPeak of Data Masons for a detailed demonstration of the Vantage Point EDI solution including:

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