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New Enhancements for Your Macola 10.4 Workspaces

Looking to enhance your workspace on Macola 10.4? Look no further!

Use this blog to learn specifically about the changes within Data Source, how to add Widgets to your dashboard for easy customization, how Modul Windows can be utilized, and how the Contextual Menus on ASPX Pages can help your business manage transactions. 

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Macola Standard Cost Module Gets Enhanced Features

In past versions of Macola, the Standard Cost module allowed the user the select locations for costing, but all of the selected locations shared the same cost master.

For companies with multiple locations and different cost structures, this meant that either all material costs for the selected locations were averaged together or the user was forced the run the standard cost processes for each unique location. 

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The Underutilized Notes Function in Macola Progression and ES

The notes function in Macola Progression and Macola ES isn't widely utilized, but it can be a very helpful tool for storing additional data specific to items, customers, and vendors. 

Macola Progression has two types of Notes buttons, the Note button on the toolbar and the Notes button beside fields on Progression screens.

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Responses to Macola Material Requirements Planning Action Notices

In our training, we focus a lot on manufacturing, planning and execution, and specifically what to do with the material requirements planning action messages. Macola's MRP module returns a number of these action notices with various codes associated with them.

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Macola Help: How To Fix Macola ES Errors Caused by Network Interruption

Ever return to your desk after a meeting or lunch and see this message in Macola ES?

“Unknown Error!”

This error is very common with a loss of connection to the Database. This also can be the culprit for many other errors or problems in Macola ES. Other problems that can be associated with this type of problem and/or a network interruption are:

  1. AR/AP One sided transactions, or incomplete transactions
  2. POP/SF Orphaned Dependent Work Orders.
  3. PO Line allocations, leaving a transaction screen open during network connectivity loss.

Now don't get me wrong, there are other possible reasons for this error or issues similar to this. This is not the only reason for seeing similar errors, but it can definitely cause these types of issues. I hope that by making this change, Macola ES users might reduce a great amount of errors or cleanup of erroneous data.

The Solution 

The fix is a workstation setting that all too often gets overlooked by IT staff, and really makes a difference when using Macola ES. Making sure this is set correctly for anyone using Macola ES can greatly reduce problems that are often attributed to network loss. I have seen companies have great success in reducing errors after making this change.

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Troubleshooting Issues with Exact Macola Installations or Updates

Our support desk regularly handles calls where the user has an issue installing or updating the Macola Progression or Macola ES client on a workstation. Below we review the solutions we use to fix these issues.

1. Run Client Install

Run the client install by right clicking on the installer and selecting the Run As Administrator selection, if available. 

  • setup.exe for Macola Progression
  • wsetup.exe for Macola ES 

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Year-End Closing in Macola Progression: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The year-end closing process is hectic for any accounting department. Not only is it usually done at the end of the calendar year (holiday anyone?), but it's also always coupled with the month-end and quarter-end processes. To make matters worse, many of the year-end software functions are of course done only once a year, and if your internal Macola Progression process documentation isn’t spot on, you may have trouble remembering what to do and when to do it. (Word to the wise: now might be a good time to pull out your year-end closing notes and review them. If you’re not sure how to perform a year-end close, it’s better to learn now than try to figure it out on Jan 2.) Sure it's not rocket science, but it is something of an exact science (no pun intended) and timing is often critical.

And mistakes can and will happen. Below are a few of the most common mistakes that happen during a year-end closing process in Progression and the steps that can be taken to fix them. 

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Steps For Moving a Macola Database From SQL 2000 to SQL 2012

So you have a brand new Windows Server 2008 R2 server loaded with a sparkling fresh copy of Microsoft SQL 2012 standard. How do you get your precious Macola database off of the old and busted SQL 2000 server and onto the new one without losing your data (and your mind) in the process? 

If It Ain’t Broke…

Many of us have waited way too long to upgrade our Macola databases and servers to a version that was actually created in this century. But in this economy you do what you have to do to survive. Not to worry, there is still hope for a well-planned and successful migration to a new SQL 2012 server with just an extra step or two.

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How to Create a Financial Report in Macola ES Using the Interactive Statement Tool

In this video, I review the interactive statement tool in Macola ES. This tool allows you to print a financial report, export it to Excel, review financial statements and analyze underlying data and transactions.

To get to this tool, click on the G/L tab and under reports select Interactive balance. The initial view includes date range, type of layout (trial balance, balance sheet, etc) and type of columns you wish to present (year, quarter, month, period). You can also compare your budget to budget scenario, previous year or previous two years.

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Macola Help: How to Export a Trial Balance Report to Excel in Progression Workflow Explorer

In the below video, I explain how to export a Trial Balance report from Macola to Excel. This allows you to organize your data and more easily analyze by account number.

You will start by opening Progression Workflow Explorer. I will be using the integrated Crystal Reports version of the Trial Balance report found under General Ledger - Reports - Trial Balance - Account Order. It is going to be the second version on the list that looks like a piece of paper. Open the report and select the criteria that applies to your company. Typically the date range is either for a full year or a period. Select all account numbers and do not check the "show detail" box. Then click Ok.

The report will run to a Crystal Report preview window. Click on the export button in the upper right hand corner of the preview window (the icon that looks like an envelope). Select Microsoft Excel 97-2000 - Data only (XLS) as the format file and Disk file as the destination and click Ok. Set the Excel Format Options to typical and save the file where you can find it easily.

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