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Upgrading from Exact Macola Progression to Exact Macola 10

We get this question pretty frequently when speaking with existing Exact Macola Progression users: "Exact Macola Progression has worked fine for us for over the years, why should we upgrade to EM 10?"

I often turn to this analogy when responding to this question. Your father or your grandfather probably had a mid '50s era Chevy or Ford that was an incredible vehicle for the time.

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Macola Standard Cost Module Gets Enhanced Features

In past versions of Macola, the Standard Cost module allowed the user the select locations for costing, but all of the selected locations shared the same cost master.

For companies with multiple locations and different cost structures, this meant that either all material costs for the selected locations were averaged together or the user was forced the run the standard cost processes for each unique location. 

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What is the Difference Between Macola 10 and Macola ES?

When Macola ES hit the market it was strictly an EPR software. The system was essentially your accounting/ordering and handling all of ERP functionality. More recently, Exact has released Macola 10 and the difference between EM10 and Macola ES can often get confused.

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Breaking Down Macola ES/EM10 Vendor Discounts

When companies make the transition from Macola Progression to Macola ES/EM10, they often struggle with making sure they capture all their vendor discounts in a timely manner to pay them within the discount period.

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What is Kofax and How Does it Integrate with Exact Macola 10?

Exact's Synergy solution has had robust document management capabilities for a long time. These include allowing  you to upload documents either manually or from Microsoft Outlook, index them against customers, vendors, etc. and then search for them.

Other strong features like version control, check-in, check-out, and other advanced capabilities make it suitable for engineering departments and similar environments. Now, Exact Macola 10 extends this even further, providing a link to Kofax's document scanning and capture solution.

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Streamlining Document Capturing & Management in EM 10

With Macola 10 Document Management all of your company documents and data can be captured and shared in just one place.

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Exact Macola 10 Mobile and Remote Access

In this webinar we focus on all the fast and flexible ways to access Exact's new flagship ERP, Exact Macola 10, from a smartphone or tablet.

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A Detailed Look at Exact Macola 10.2

On June 30th of this year Exact continued their charge towards a more natural ERP experience with the launch of Exact Macola 10.2.

This upgrade to their flagship product came with a number of major enhancements that extend how users of Macola 10 can work. To add to these enhancements Exact has added a special promotional offering and extended flexible software licensing models to make Macola 10 an even more accessible and attractive choice for modern day Macola users.

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7 FAQs About Macola 10 Workspaces

Posted on June 22, 2015 by algoadmin

1. What sort of workspaces are available?

Currently, in Macola 10.1 there are 29 workspaces available out of the box. In the upcoming rollout of Macola 10.2 on June 30th, an additional 15-20 workspaces are expected to be included in the release. A list of currently available workspaces is below:

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Exact Macola 10 Document Management

Go paperless! Document Management: A Guide to Your Virtual Filing Cabinet.

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