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WiSys WMS vs. Macola WMS

Consider the following: Algorithm has been the top reseller of Macola software since 1999 by any measure.  We sell and consult with Macola customers in 40 states.  Yet a significant part of our business is selling, implementing, designing and supporting WiSys installations.  A few years ago, ‘significant’ meant that for every $8 of WiSys revenue, there was only $1  – yes, one dollar – of Macola revenue.  And as I’ve mentioned, we have a very large Macola practice.

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A Letter From Mike On Apax Partner's Realignment of Macola

I’ve received more than one call or email from customers asking my take on the recent news that Exact has sold Macola and two other companies.  So here it is from my perspective;

In April of 2015, venture firm APAX Partners acquired Exact Software and with it, the Macola assets.  There was hope this move and their money would reinvigorate Macola.  That may be taking shape now. 

Recently APAX also acquired U.S.-based ECi Software Solutions based out of Fort Worth Texas, a company in the small and midsized ERP space, the same space Macola operates in.  Concurrent with that acquisition, APAX opted to combine Macola and other Exact assets in the U.S. with ECi and remove them from the Exact Software oversight. 

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An ERP Success Story: Inpro Corps.

At Algorithm, we love hearing about our customers experiencing success. This ERP success story features Inpro.  Since 1979, Inpro® has been making and servicing products with an obsessive commitment to protecting the appearance of buildings and the health and safety of the people who use them. Based in Muskego, Wisconsin, Inpro is a global manufacturer of door and wall protection, washroom systems, expansion joint systems, privacy systems, elevator protection systems and architectural signage.

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Success Starts With Our Team: A Note from CEO Michael Oswalt

22 years.  Wow!  After all these years, I have to admit that 2016 was by far my favorite year since I founded Algorithm back in 1994.  What started as a small 3 man CPA firm has grown into an amazing team of 17 Business Consulting and Sales professionals (18 if you count Rosie, the Canine Consultant).

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Prophix - The Power of Corporate Performance Management Software

A big part of taking a company from good to great is the ability to automate and streamline financial and operational processes in order to increase efficiency, garner new data and insights, and ultimately improve the bottom line. When working with customers who want to expand their corporate performance management capabilities we point them to one of our favorite solutions — Prophix.

What is Prophix?

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario - Prophix Software, Inc. began as a software distributor for finance departments in 1987.

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Algorithm Announcements and Thank You's

The year 2013 was a phenomenally successful year for us. Our team partnered with our customers to improve thier businesses in ways that continue to amaze me. This enabled us to invest even more in our skills and in our team to continue to provide value. We are, and will continue to be, deeply grateful for the relationships that we have built in the years that Algorithm has existed.

Speaking of those years, it was 1994 when I was practicing as a CPA in public accounting and called Macola to see if we could add software consulting to our little firm and represent their products. I had implemented Macola as a CFO of a small manufacturing company and thought it would be a very valuable tool to bring to my new venture.

That call led to an introduction to a recently formed Macola reseller who had started Hawk and Associates. Many of you know that was Bob Hawk, now of WiSys.

Bob and I started an adventure that now reaches its 20th year covering 20 states and counting 200 companies as our customers. It has been a great ride, and even though Bob has gone on to bigger and better things, we remain close professionally as well as personally.

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How to Create a Financial Report in Macola ES Using the Interactive Statement Tool

In this video, I review the interactive statement tool in Macola ES. This tool allows you to print a financial report, export it to Excel, review financial statements and analyze underlying data and transactions.

To get to this tool, click on the G/L tab and under reports select Interactive balance. The initial view includes date range, type of layout (trial balance, balance sheet, etc) and type of columns you wish to present (year, quarter, month, period). You can also compare your budget to budget scenario, previous year or previous two years.

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Reason #10 to Upgrade to Macola ES: Exact Development Effort

This blog post is intended to enhance the information covered in my Webinar: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Macola ES, specifically reason #10: Exact is putting their development effort there.

In a recent product update to Macola ES (v 9.6.100) and Progression (v.7.7.900) the following metrics were observed.


Macola ES v 9.6.100

Progression v 7.7.900

Quality Fixes






Screen & Database change



SAP Crystal report change



Microsoft SSRS change



As is to be expected with two brands in the marketplace and considering the age of Progression vs Macola ES, it is natural to place more effort on the younger flagship product. That is not to say that Progression is the poor redheaded stepchild, but it is older, more mature, more market tested and therefore requires less effort in terms of new features and quality fixes. In addition, Exact has brought innovations to Macola ES that you won’t find in Progression; the introduction of Microsoft SSRS and Synergy Enterprise Navigator are two of those.

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How Auto Manufacturing Suppliers Running Macola Can Meet MMOG Requirements

TierLink, a custom solution built by Algorithm, brings automotive EDI to Macola by integrating the Edibar-Release Management System (Edibar-RMS) with Progression and ES. This allows users to connect Macola's manufacturing and planning capabilities with Edibar's shipping and forecasting information.

Today we welcome a guest blogger from Edibar to share an important announcement for auto manufacturing suppliers.

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And They Said It Couldn't Be Done - eSynergy on a Mac

Think you can't use eSynergy or Macola products on a Mac? Think again! This is a live screenshot of my MacBook where I run both.

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