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Asking "Why?" for Business Process Improvements—Where to Start

In my first post in the series on “Asking Why”, we covered how asking why is the key to unlocking business process improvements. So, once you know that it is important to ask why, the next logical question is, “where do we start?”

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Asking Why—The Key to Unlocking Business Process Improvements

Have you ever started a new job, and during the training asked why a labor-intensive task or process was being done the way you were being trained?

Was the answer one of the following?

  • “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  • “That’s the way I was taught to do it.”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “Because this is how we do it here.”
  • “If we don’t do it this way, what if something goes wrong/the numbers don’t match/I make a
  • mistake?”
  • Silence…

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Best Practices for Using Deposit Numbers

Bank reconciliation can be challenging the first few months in Macola 10 when coming from Progression. The best way to utilize the bank reconciliation module is to do your daily work so it will mimic your bank statement as it appears from the bank at month's end.

Since payments are generated by the system, or entered manually, the cash-out side of the equation is usually the simplest. The place where people typically get hung up a little is on the cash receipt/deposit side.

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Breaking Down Macola ES/EM10 Vendor Discounts

When companies make the transition from Macola Progression to Macola ES/EM10, they often struggle with making sure they capture all their vendor discounts in a timely manner to pay them within the discount period.

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Macola ES Receiving Accrual Account Best Practices


In Macola ES the one account that can provide the most headaches is the Receiving Accrual Account. It is difficult to balance and many transactions flow through this account on a monthly basis.

The number one thing that will help regain control of this account is to prohibit changes to purchase orders after they have been received. If a change to a line on a purchase order is made after that line has been received, it cannot remove itself from the accrual account and results in this quickly getting out of hand.

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