Introducing Algo Apps

Custom Macola solutions for your unique needs.

Over the last year the Algorithm team has been hard at work preparing some exciting new products. While base ERP systems offers many capabilities, as you know there are always opportunities and needs for customization, streamlining, improvement, and integrations. 

Below we have listed the first additions to the Algo Apps portfolio for Macola—please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more about implementing these new solutions.

Delete Accounts—Macola 10

Account Delete is an administrative tool typically used by an IT resource that will remove a single account or a list of accounts (customers or vendors) from your system.  Validations are performed to verify the accounts have not been used.

Price: $2,500

Merge Accounts—Macola 10

Account Merge is an administrative level tool typically used by an IT resource that will merge the data from multiple accounts into a single account with an option to remove the remaining data that is not subject to merging. 

For example, if you have Company A and Company B, you could merge the data for Company B into Company A, and then optionally remove Company B from the system.   This includes data such as order history, pop orders, purchase orders, financial entries, ship-to address, and many more.

Price: $4,500

Flex Import/Export—Macola 10

Macola has a great feature that lets you add custom VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming to most screens, however, managing those projects can be a complicated process when dealing with multiple companies or multiple servers. 

FlexTools fills the void by allowing you to export the VBA project to an XML file which can then be archived (think source control) or imported into other Macola companies, whether on the same or different servers.  Optionally, you can have FlexTools include a copy of the linked modified screen set.

Price: $2,500

Cash Receipt Deduction Manager 

If you have customers that take deductions against their invoices, this program makes it easy to rapidly enter A/R credit Sales Transactions.  Each deduction against an invoice can be given a reason, and each of those reasons can be linked to different GL accounts.  For example, deductions for damage and deductions for freight delays can be mapped to different GL accounts.

Price: $5,500

CERM Integration to Macola 10 

Algorithm has developed a unique solution for the printing and labeling industry, integrating Macola 10 and CERM (a subsidiary of printing industry leader Heidelberg). Designed for companies that need both Print Management Software and a robust, fully functional ERP, the Macola 10/CERM Integration also provides a replacement for Macola customers still using the long-discontinued PSI printing software1

Algorithm’s Macola 10/CERM integration is designed to bridge the data gap between the two programs for customers, suppliers, contacts and supplier/customer invoice transactions. To learn more about the Macola 10/CERM integration, and how it can bridge the data gap for your business, contact the solution experts at Algorithm.

Price: $5,500

Algo Apps Coming Soon:

  • GL Account, Cost Center, Cost Unit - Merge & Change: make mass changes to GL Accounts, Cost Centers and Cost Units
  • Item Number Change: make mass changes to item numbers
  • Item Number Delete : remove unused item numbers
  • Free Fields Utilities: greatly expand data captured in workflow processes
  • And many more…

Contact your Account Manager or give us a call at 888-522-8588 for more details about these new products!