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ERP White Paper

Learn how ERP software benefits your organization and review the top solutions for small business, including Macola ES. Download the white paper.

Live Webinars

Our live webinars help you fully understand the capabilities of the tools you own by providing updates and insights on business software products and services. Maximum the ROI from your business software solutions and register for an upcoming webinar.

Webinar and Demo Recordings

Miss a webinar? No problem! Our webinar archives offer a list of full webinars on-demand covering Business Intelligence, Mobility, Macola ES, Exact Synergy, E-Commerce and more. View the webinar archive now

Success Stories

Hear about how we help customers use technology to benefit their business. Read the Algorithm success stories.


Are you having a hard time finding the right ERP solution for your business? This infographic will help you think through the common barriers to using ERP software and will help you determine if you should use an on-premise or cloud solution. Download the ERP infographic.